BigBingoBot Help

Big Bingo Bot Frequently asked questions

  1. Why should I buy this bingo card maker?
    Our software is extremely easy to use. Steps 1, 2, 3 and you have a pdf ready with unique bingo cards for you to print. With extremely reasonable lifetime membership of 29.99, you will be able to make your own bingo cards on various topics like math bingo, science bingo, english bingo, sight words bingo etc. You can also get print a completely randomized call list along with the bingo cards. Our bingo card creator is extremely customizable and lets you save your custom wordlists for use later. Not only that, you can access close to a 1000 pre-made activities that will make bingo cards for various occasions.
  2. Can I share my Big Bingo Bot account with others?
    There is only one account per user for making your bingo cards and if your friends/family need to use it, they will have to purchase their own account.
  3. What browsers and Operating systems are supported by Big Bingo Bot
    We support Windows XP and greater, as well as Firefox, IE 7 and higher, Google Chrome browsers.
  4. How can I contact you if I have technical issue?
    For any technical/failure issues on the website, you can contact us by sending us an email by clicking here and we will respond within 24 hours. Any website crashing issues are logged in our log file and we will be able to dig in and determine any issues.
  5. Can I request additional features which you don't currently support
    We are open to new ideas/suggestions/feedback and would implement the requested features as per time/effort required.
  6. When I printed my bingo cards for the first time I got unique cards, but when I closed the browser and tried to print out the same list again I get the exact same cards. What is wrong?
    You are using the trial version of our software. The trial version allows you to print a limited number of unique cards for any given word list. The trial version lets you evaluate our bingo card software for unlimited time but with limited set of features. If you want to make bingo cards forever with unlimited benefits, please upgrade to our full version. If you have already purchased a license to our full version.
  7. When I click on your existing wordlists, I get a message saying you can not access the wordlist?
    You are using the trial version of our software. The trial version allows you to use only first two wordlists of each category. If you need to use all our close to 1000 activities to make your own bingo cards, you can purchase our full version.
  8. Can I only make downlodable bingo cards?
    Yes, we do not have an installable version of bigbingobot. You can use our service by visiting and be able to enjoy creating bingo cards right from the comfort of your living room.